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Professional Renamer in Australian Computer Trader, February 2006

Professional Renamer in Australian Computer Trader.

File Renaming Powerhouse

If you have taken to digital photography in a big way or download masses of music files for your portable MP3 player, you will already be familiar with the confusing jumble of file names that accumulate on your computer/player. For instance, your photo coverage of a birthday celebration may involve a long list of photographs with names that give no indication of what the subject matter of the photo is. Most likely, you have a storage folder for your photos and the latest batch goes anonymously in with last week’s baby shots. Getting a real grip on your files – photos, MP3s, documents of all kinds – can be a challenge and a daunting job to rename dozens or hundreds of files to give them recognizable names. For this, you will love Professional Renamer (now in version 2.35), a powerful tool for bulk renaming of files. Choose the files with nondescript names, ether the new naming pattern (e.g. Jones Wedding – Jan 06 – [Counter]) Professional Renamer will then instantly rename the files with a serial number at the end using this template. You can save your templates and call them up quickly for future renaming jobs. There is a great deal more to this program which bring recognizable order to your file libraries. Find out more and download the trial from:


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