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Professional Renamer 2.35 - Names Define Lives

First of all, some trivial statements: In your or my computer's main (and virtually *only*) thing that matters is file (and also, in the majority of cases, folder). In the last years, the number of files and folders inside a typical computer has been growing like an explosion: not only because of the increasing HDD space, but, mainly, because of the digital content sources we have been using these days. Today we use digital photos, digital music, digital literature, and digital video: The result is we have a couple of folders named «1081, 1082, 1083» and filled with thousands of those «Dscf1283.jpg» files.

You can, mainly, use two strategies to find yourself in all that mess: organize the files within a third-party's program or organize the files by renaming and storing them in the «right» folders. Professional Renamer, as you can guess by its name, will help you realize the renaming strategy. How can the software help?

OK, look: you only select a bunch of files/folders (by hands or by flexible filters) and define a renaming template; preview potential results (just to make sure they are what you expected them to be?) and then click «Rename». Hop! And instead of the «Dscf1283.jpg» you have your «12-may-2005 My birthday 001.jpg».

The software has a very powerful rename-patterns system, which allows the complete customization (take a look at the examples like «capitalize first letter», «add date», «add counter»). Moreover, Professional Renamer comes with some useful pre-set renaming templates (and you can easily create and customize your own ones).

3d2f.com editors have appreciate Professional Renamer the most perspective among the competitors.


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