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Attribute Manager icon. Attribute Manager screenshots page.

The screen capture shows the file manager window. You can use file manager for files and folders navigation, managing their attributes, select them for attribute changing. Also there you can set a template for batch attributes changing.

Attribute Manager - Main Window Screenshot.

Set template to change Read-only, Archive, Hidden, System, Indexed, Compressed, Encrypted, Temporary, Sparse file, Offline attributes for batch changing.

Attributes template tab.

Set custom date and time values for the Created, Modified and Accessed date time.

Set date time template tab.

Set increment or decrement parameters for the Created, Modified and Accessed date and time.

Set increment date time on the template tab.

Set partially date time changing (for example, year only, preserving month and date).

Set date time mask on the template tab.

Preferences window screen capture. This dialog designed for program's customization, to make your work more comfortable.

Attribute Manager - Preferences.


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