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Attribute Manager - About the Toolbar

Attribute Manager icon. Flexible changing of the file's attributes, date and time stamps.

The toolbars provide buttons that access some of the frequently used commands in the menus. To activate a command, click its toolbar button.

Common Toolbar

Change file attributes icon. Change file attributes Change file attributes and file date time stamps.
Change folder attributes icon. Change folder attributes Changing folder attributes and folder date time stamps.
Undo last operation icon. Undo Cancel last operation.
Refresh file list view icon. Refresh Refresh navigation panel.
Chenge folder level up icon. Back One folder level up in the navigation panel.
File detail icon. View Detail Info Show the detail information about selected file, or folder.
Invert file selection icon. Invert Selection Invert selection files and folders in the List View window.
Select all files icon. Select All Select all files and folders in the List View window.
Un select all files icon. UnSelect All UnSelect all files and folders in the List View window.
Copen template icon. Open Template Open preset template for use.
Save template icon. Save Template Save current template.
Manage templates icon. Manage templates Remove or rename templates, change their order.
Attribute Manager options icon. Options Open preferences dialog.
Help icon. Help Show this help.


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