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What's New in Attribute Manager

Attribute Manager icon. Flexible changing of the file's attributes, date and time stamps.

2014-Oct-13 version: 5.0

  • initial directory at startup has been fixed.
  • counter has been added to the report dialog.
  • fixed window resizing after changing attributes.
  • current directory has been added to the status bar.
  • fixed window maximizing at startup.
  • Configuration file saving in Windows 8 has been fixed.

2014-Jan-15 version: 4.89

  • Fixed: Changing "Compressed" attributes error has been fixed.
  • Updated: Report's window work has been optimized.

2013-Nov-28 version 4.87

  • Added: On-line help has been added.

2013-Nov-12 version 4.85

  • Added: Changing attributes report dialog has been added.

2011-Dec-28 Attribute Manager 4.70

  • Updated: File list flicking after the attributes changing has been removed.
  • Updated: Saving list positioning after the attributes changing.
  • Updated: Saving file selection after the attributes changing.

2011-Nov-23 Attribute Manager 4.65

  • Fixed: file contents clearing when removing an attribute sparse.

2011-Oct-12 Attribute Manager 4.55

  • Added: Changing attributes: Indexed, Compressed, Encrypted, Temporary, Sparse file, Off-line.
  • Added: Introduced control the selection of files.
  • Updated: Improved file navigation system.
  • Updated: Updated reference documentation.
  • Updated: Improved template system.

2011-May-07 Attribute Manager 4.0

  • Updated: Help file has been updated.
  • Updated: Created and Accessed sort has been added to the main menu.

2010-Dec-27 Attribute Manager 3.95

  • Added: Compatible with Windows 7
  • Added: Compatibility with UAC Windows Vista
  • Updated: main menu icons has been updated
  • Updated: program's multilanguage has been upgraded
  • Updated: About dialog image has been updated
  • Updated: optimize the date's setting order the in the template
  • Updated: Updated icon in the system tray
  • Updated: Set current date time at the program startup
  • Fixed: current date and time button has been activated
  • Fixed: Fixed bug when changing the date in the case of the active cursor to the input

2010-Oct-21 Attribute Manager 3.65

  • Added: Attribute's management template has been extended.
  • Added: Template system has been placed to the main window.
  • Added: Increment and decrement opportunity are added to the date and time management.
  • Updated: Templates management system has been optimized.
  • Updated: Main software's icon restyled.
  • Updated: Extended tool bar, icons has been updated.

2010-Mar-06 Attribute Manager 3.0

  • Added: New Program icon.
  • Added: Created Date column in navigation window has been added.
  • Added: Accessed Date column in navigation window has been added.
  • Updated: About box has been updated.
  • Updated: Help has been updated
  • Fixed: Minor bugs fixed.

2008-Sep-10 Attribute Manager 2.6

  • Added: Portuguese language has been Added.
  • Added: Turkish language has been Added.
  • Updated: About box has been updated.
  • Fixed: Minor bugs fixed.

2006-May-17 Attribute Manager 2.35

  • Added: Deutsch language has been added.

2005-Sep-01 Attribute Manager 2.31

  • Added: Chinese traditional language has been added.
  • Added: Czech language has been added.
  • Added: Greek language has been added.
  • Updated: Arabic language has been updated.
  • Fixed: Undo function bug has been fixed.

2005-Jul-05 Attribute Manager 2.25

  • Added: Korean language is added.
  • Added: Spanish language is added.
  • Added: French language is added.
  • Updated: ESC button reaction in dialogs has been added.

2005-Feb-24 Attribute Manager 2.19

  • Added: WindowsXP Manifest is added.
  • Added: Arabic and Chinese language are added.
  • Added: Created new icon for this program.

2005-Jan-06 Attribute Manager 2.15

  • Added: Dutch language added
  • Added: The documentation is updated
  • Updated: Some icons redraw.
  • Updated: File manager is optimized.
  • Fixed: TaskBar's button processing optimized.
  • Fixed: Fixed illumination of the menu in Windows XP.
  • Fixed: Fixed critical exception, at the detail view of some objects.

2004-Dec-15 Attribute Manager 2.00

  • Added: Tray icon functions added.
  • Added: Templates list added.
  • Added: Added easy buttons in template.
  • Added: Added icons to the main menu.
  • Added: Pop up menu added to the navigation window.
  • Added: Added size and window position control, at the program start up.
  • Added: Multi-language interface is available.
  • Added: Russian interface language is available.
  • Added: Views and help topics buttons are added to the tool bar.
  • Updated: Installer work is improved.
  • Updated: Full program code processing and optimization.
  • Updated: Lowering memory usage by application
  • Updated: File navigation process optimized.
  • Updated: Changing attribute template optimized.
  • Updated: hint message at the tool bar is added.
  • Fixed: Bug fixed: main window deactivation at the process of folder change.


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