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Passwords Base will keep all your passwords in safety.

2013-Feb-11 version: 4.65

  • Added auto-hiding the password list.
  • Minimize the program at closing.
  • Improved configuration.
  • Optimized activation of the main window.
  • Improved software update procedure.

2013-Dec-09 version: 4.45

  • Updated: Main window's activation has been optimized.

2013-Nov-25 version: 4.35

  • Updated: Online help has been added.
  • Fixed: Minor import error fixed.

2013-Oct-25 version: 4.25

  • Updated: Clipboard Copy buttons size has been expanded.

2012-Dec-01 Passwords Base 4.15

  • Added: Captions for toolbar's buttons has been added.
  • Updated: User Interface has been updated.
  • Fixed: Edit function bug fixed.

2011-Dec-28 Passwords Base 4.0

  • Added: New User Interface.
  • Added: New toolbar has been added.
  • Added: Account card at the main program window.
  • Added: scrolling accounts.
  • Added: Showing/Hiding of the accounts list.
  • Added: Copying to the clipboard button has been added.
  • Added: Web site open button has been added.

2011-Nov-25 Passwords Base 3.16

  • Fixed: Software crashes on Windows 7 has been fixed.

2010-Nov-18 Passwords Base 3.15

  • Added: Show in task bar option has been added.
  • Updated: Fixed double mouse click, when the program's window activated.
  • Updated: Startup nag screen position has been corrected.
  • Updated: System tray icon reaction has been improved.
  • Fixed: Wrong window size saving at program closing has been fixed.

2010-Sep-02 Passwords Base 3.0

  • Updated: Invalid password dialog position has been corrected.
  • Updated: Main password: password selecting, after invalid enter.
  • Updated: System tray one click hide/restore function.
  • Updated: Remember screen size set as a default value.
  • Fixed: Configuration file reading problem fixed.

2009-Mar-19 Passwords Base 2.75

  • Added: The help documentation is added.

2009-Jan-22 Passwords Base 2.55

  • Added: do not start more than one copy of the program.
  • Added: Import/Export database functions has been added.
  • Added: Remember last execution columns width.
  • Updated: restyled about box dialog.
  • Updated: interface languages has been updated.
  • Updated: tool bar icons has been restyled.
  • Fixed: minor bugs has been fixed.

2008-Nov-13 Passwords Base 2.25

  • Added: multilanguage interface added.
  • Updated: russian interface language has been added.
  • Fixed: nag screen unhandled exception has been fixed.

2008-Oct-10 Passwords Base 2.0

  • Added: user interface design restyled
  • Added: data base fields expanded
  • Added: clipboard copy with one mouse click
  • Added: for encrypt TripleDES algorithm usage
  • Added: 30 days trial

2004-Aug-30 Passwords Base 1.26

  • Added: The Chinese program interface language is added.

2004-Aug-05 Passwords Base 1.25

  • Added: Always show icon in the System Tray
  • Added: Do not display program on the Task Bar
  • Added: Minimize to the System Tray
  • Added: Minimize if Close button pressed
  • Added: Minimize if double click on tray icon
  • Added: Minimize if Esc button pressed.
  • Added: Hide passwords behind stars in the main window
  • Added: Show random number of the stars
  • Added: Show fixed number of the stars.
  • Added: Also you can specify count of the fixed number of the stars.
  • Updated: System tray functions are updated.
  • Updated: Updated Preferences Dialog. The following sections contain: View, Tray, Password, Language.
  • Updated: View section consist of: Hide passwords behind stars in the editor

2004-Jul-20 Passwords Base 1.10

  • Added: Dutch language added

2004-Jul-02 Passwords Base 1.09

  • Added: Popup menu added.

2004-Jun-24 Passwords Base 1.08

  • Added: Remember last opened or saved file name.
  • Added: System tray functions added.

2004-Apr-18 Passwords Base 1.06

  • Fixed: Some bugs fixed.

2003-Feb-17 Passwords Base 1.0

  • First release

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