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About the Menu Bar

The Menu bar displays the menu headings. Click a menu heading to open the menu and choose a command. The commands you use frequently are also displayed on the toolbar.

Note: Menu items that appear in gray either do not apply or are unavailable.

Menu bar screen capture.

The Password menu allows to generate a list of passwords. Copying selected password to the clipboard. Save passwords list into the text file.

View menu allow to select font for passwords list and set the default font.

The Template menu allows to open template from the preset templates list. Saving template to the list and remove them. Else this menu allows to export/import templates and load default template.

The Options menu open dialog, which is designed for program's customization to your needs.

Help area allows displays the help contents. Open online home page and online support page. Showing about program dialog.

Using the Menus

You can display menu commands using the following methods:

  • Clicking the menu in the Menu bar, or
  • Pressing the <Alt> key plus the underlined letter in the menus title. For example, to display the Password menu, press <Alt> + <P>.

You can select or execute a menu command using the following methods:

  • Clicking the item in the menu,
  • Pressing the <Alt> key plus the underlined letter in the menus title, and then pressing the letter underlined in the menu item. For example, to select the menu item Password > Generate, press <Alt> + <P> + <G>, or
  • Using the arrow keys to highlight a menu item, and then pressing the Enter key.


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