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Passwords Generator Version History.

2016-Feb-01 version: 3.25
- Passwords generating process has been improved.
- generate 100000000 passwords per click.
- Fixed: Some minor bugs.

2013-Feb-06 version: 2.95
- Improved upgrade process.
- Working with configuration file has been updated.
- Added option always on top.

2013-Dec-18 version: 2.92
Fixed: Some minor bugs.

2013-Nov-18 version: 2.90
Added: Online help has been added.
Fixed: Registration name visibility has been fixed.

2013-Oct-29 version: 2.85
Added: System tray functionality added.

2012-Dec-11 Passwords Generator 2.75
Added: Check for updates at startup.
Updated: Copy password to the clipboard set to default.
Fixed: Fixed alignment of passwords in the list.

2011-Dec-05 Passwords Generator 2.55
Added: New installer has been integrated.
Updated: Application's startup has been optimized.

2011-May-19 Passwords Generator 2.5
Added: multilingual support has been added.
Added: copy to the clipboard when password selected.
Added: startup passwords generation has been added.
Updated: some graphics has been improved.
Updated: showing icon in the toolbar.
Fixed: template name in the status bar has been fixed.

2010-Dec-10 Passwords Generator 2.0
Added: Font selection for passwords list has been added.
Updated: Passwords list screen has been optimized.
Updated: Help file has been updated.
Fixed: Software crashes on Windows 7 has been fixed.

2010-Sep-09 Passwords Generator 1.95
Added: Template's startup functionality has been expanded.
Updated: Nag-screen window position has been corrected.
Updated: Application's icon has been corrected.
Updated: Options file has been improved.

2009-Oct-03 Passwords Generator 1.85
Added: Generating progress and stop dialog has been added.
Updated: User template system has been extended.
Updated: Characters requirements added.
Updated: Exclude repeat characters.
Updated: double characters (ie FF, JJ, aA, ee).
Updated: Exclude adjacent characters, up or down, (ie GH or ab).

2009-Mar-05 Passwords Generator 1.35
Added: templates export/import has been added.
Added: help file has been added.
Updated: do not start more than one copy of the program.
Updated: tool bar icons has been restyled.
Updated: buttons and menu activity has been added.
Fixed: remember saving folder location.

2009-Jan-05 Passwords Generator 1.0
First release


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