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Photo EXIF Manager - EXIF Tags View.

Icon of the Photo EXIF Manager. View and edit all well-known digital photo EXIF tags.

Photo EXIF Manager - Add Tag Dialog.

Add Tag dialog contains three tab: Image, Camera and GPS. Every tab contains table with five columns:

  • Exif Name - this is the tag name.
  • Value - tags value.
  • Tag - tags identification number, may be shown as HEX or Integer, set it in options dialog.
  • Type - this is the tag type, it can be: BYTE (8-bit unsigned int), ASCII (8 bit ASCII code), SHORT (16-bit unsigned int), LONG (32-bit unsigned int), RATIONAL (Two LONGs, unsigned), UNDEFINED (8-bit), SLONG (32-bit int), SRATIONAL (Two SLONGs, signed).
  • Description - short EXIF tag description.

To sort EXIF tags, click on the column header, small triangle shows the sorting direction. To add some tag check its check-box and click the Ok button.


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