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Photo EXIF Manager EXIF Tags View.

Icon of the Photo EXIF Manager. View and edit all well-known digital photo EXIF tags.

Photo EXIF Manager EXIF Tags View

There are three tab: Image, Camera and GPS in the Exif tag view. Every tab contains table with five columns:

  • Exif Name - this is the tag name.
  • Value - tags value.
  • Tag - tags identification number, may be shown as HEX or Integer, set it in options dialog.
  • Type - this is the tag type, it can be: BYTE (8-bit unsigned int), ASCII (8 bit ASCII code), SHORT (16-bit unsigned int), LONG (32-bit unsigned int), RATIONAL (Two LONGs, unsigned), UNDEFINED (8-bit), SLONG (32-bit int), SRATIONAL (Two SLONGs, signed).
  • Description - short EXIF tag description.

To sort EXIF tags, click on the column header, small triangle shows the sorting direction. If you need to add, modify or remove some tag, select it in the table and use tool bar icons or menu bar. Else you can use double click on the selected tag, which you need to modify. After you have change the tags value, it will be shown in bold, while image is not saved.


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