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Known Exif tags

Icon of the Photo EXIF Manager. View and edit all well-known digital photo EXIF tags.

EXIF stands for "Exchangeable Image File Format". This type of information is formatted according to the TIFF specification, and may be found in JPG, TIFF, PNG, JP2, PGF, MIFF, HDP, PSP and XCF images, as well as many TIFF-based RAW images, and even some AVI and MOV videos. These are the Exif tags as defined in the EXIS 2.3 standard. All these tags can be viewed and edited in a Photo Exif Manager. These tags are provided in a three groups (click on the group name to see its composition).

See http://www.cipa.jp/std/documents/e/DC-008-2012_E.pdf for the official EXIF 2.3 specification.


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