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Photo EXIF Manager Tool Bar

Icon of the Photo EXIF Manager. View and edit all well-known digital photo EXIF tags.

Photo EXIF Manager tool bar.

The toolbar provide buttons that access some of the frequently used commands in the menus. To activate a command, click its toolbar button. If a command is unavailable, its button appears grayed-out.

Note: Place the mouse cursor over a tool-bar button to see the tool-tip describing its use.

  • save exif changes save all EXIF tags changes to file.
  • save exif changes to a different file save all EXIF tags changes to a different file.
  • remove exif tag from the file remove all EXIF tags from the image.
  • un do the last operation cancels last operations with the exif tags.
  • re do the canceled operation repeat canceled operation with the EXIF tags.
  • add some tag to the file add additional EXIF tag to the image file.
  • edit exif data change the selected EXIF tag value.
  • delete exif data remove the selected EXIF tag from the image file.
  • Options dialogue opens customization dialog.
  • online help opens on-line help contents in a web browser.


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