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Rename multiple file with Professional Renamer

Professional Renamer icon. A powerful tool to rename multiple filenames at once.

In this example we will rename digital photos files from the New Year holiday.

1) Select folder using Explorer.

Select folder using Explorer.

Source files:

Source files list.

2) Open template “Photo collection template”.

Click “Open template” button on the tool bar. Open template button. Select this template.

Select template.

Click the “Open” button.

3) Type event text.

In the second field type “New Year holiday”.


Manage first field options (set the date).

set the date options

Click the “Ok” button.

Preview panel shows:

Preview panel

4) Rename.

Click “Rename Files” on the tool bar. Rename Files button

Rename Report shows:

Rename Report

Click the “Ok” button.


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