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Professional Renamer Preview Panel

Professional Renamer icon. A powerful tool to rename multiple filenames at once.

Preview Panel

Preview panel shows all necessary information about files, compose new names, checked and unchecked items.

This is a list of the folders and files contained in the folder which is selected in the Tree view, and shown in the Path bar. you move to the Folder view, the focus is the first folder or file in the list, and it is unselected. If you need to select this, press SPACEBAR. To deselect a file or folder, press CTRL + SPACEBAR.

Navigating the Folder View

  • As for any list, you can use these keys: UP and DOWN ARROW, HOME and END, and the first letter of the folder or file you want to find.
  • To move down a level, to a folder in the list, select the folder and press ENTER.
  • To move up a level, to the parent of the current folder, press BACKSPACE.

Selecting more than one item

In the following descriptions, an item is either a folder or a file. After you have selected the items, you can check which items you have selected by pressing SHIFT + INSERT + DOWN ARROW.

To select all the items

Press CTRL + A.

To select items which are next to each other:

  • 1.Select the first item.
  • 2.Start holding down the SHIFT key.
  • 3.Using UP ARROW, or DOWN ARROW, or HOME, or END, extend the selection.
  • 4.Let go of the shift key.

To select items which are not next to each other:

  • 1.Select the first item.
  • 2.Start holding down the CTRL key.
  • 3.Move up or down the list using UP ARROW, or DOWN ARROW, or HOME or END. To add another item to the selection, press SPACEBAR.
  • 4.Let go of the CTRL key.


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