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Professional Renamer Visual Templates System.

Professional Renamer icon. A powerful tool to rename multiple filenames at once.

visual templates panel screenshot

The system of visual templates allows applying different name patterns to every file type. One name pattern can include up to nine fields with the user-set separators in between. Each field in its turn carries a variety of attributes like source name, date, time, counter, user string, etc. The attributes are set through dialogues that avail users of a choice of parameters. For instance, time can form a part of a name string as a one- or two-digit value and allows a choice between the time of creation, modification, last access or any other user-set value. The same flexibility is in every attribute dialogue.

Template Panel consists of:

  • Nine combo box, which allows you to select necessary options.
  • Nine options button to change options.
  • Separator edit box.


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Visual Templates System
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