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Professional Renamer icon. A powerful tool to rename multiple filenames at once.

Professional Renamer History.

2013-Dec-18 version: 3.76

  • Fixed: Some minor bugs.

2013-Nov-28 version: 3.75

  • Fixed: Main menu's online links has been fixed.
  • Added: Online help has been addded.

2013-Nov-11 version: 3.70

  • Fixed: Failed detail report error has been fixed.

2012-Jan-07 Professional Renamer 3.65

  • Updated: Help has been updated.

2011-Dec-10 Professional Renamer 3.45

  • Added: Remember screen position.
  • Added: Remember window size.
  • Fixed: Saved template ignores spaces fixed.

2011-Nov-13 Professional Renamer 3.25

  • Added: Multilingual program interface.
  • Added: Russian program interface language added.
  • Fixed: Templates management errors has been fixed.

2011-Jun-03 Professional Renamer 3.0

  • Updated: software's graphic interface has been updated.
  • Updated: improved tool bar and file menu.
  • Fixed: minor bugs fixed.

2010-Sep-19 Professional Renamer 2.90

  • Updated: In the tool bar menu, Help button hint has been added.
  • Updated: Renaming report dialog has been improved. Renaming process now updating in a real time.
  • Updated: Some interface text has been corrected.
  • Fixed: Fixed deadlock bug in the find and replace functionality.

2009-Jan-20 Professional Renamer 2.75

  • Added: change directory by double click in file list function has been added.
  • Updated: new software icon with vista support has been updated.
  • Updated: about software dialog has been restyled.
  • Updated: tool bar icons has been updated.
  • Updated: file menu icons has been updated.

2006-May-05 Professional Renamer 2.45

  • Updated: replace function has been optimized.

2006-Mar-30 Professional Renamer 2.41

  • Added: multiselect has been added.
  • Added: file list: Pop Up menu has been added.
  • Updated: folder extension expanding has been removed.
  • Updated: multiselect options added to tool bar buttons.
  • Updated: help file has been updated.
  • Fixed: Date creation bug in pattern has been fixed.

2005-Dec-15 Professional Renamer 2.35

  • Added: help has been added.
  • Added: main menu icons has been added.
  • Added: filter: case sensitive function has been added.
  • Added: hide/show folders in subfolders mode has been added.
  • Updated: reload after rename function has been restored.
  • Updated: status bar updating.
  • Fixed: some syntax errors has been fixed.
  • Fixed: report failed errors has been fixed.

2005-Nov-15 Professional Renamer 2.00

  • Added: developed preview list
  • Added: folder tree-view navigation
  • Added: rename folders
  • Added: process subfolders
  • Added: rename report
  • Added: import export template
  • Updated: template system
  • Updated: interface optimization
  • Fixed: rename unlimited number of files

2004-Jul-21 Professional Renamer 1.15

  • Added: Arabic language

2004-Jun-02 Professional Renamer 1.14

  • Added: Korean language
  • Updated: buttons design is improved

2003-Mar-12 Professional Renamer 1.12

  • Added: help extended search
  • Added: help search on key words
  • Updated: Rebuild help

Professional Renamer 1.11 2003-Mar-05

  • Added: help added

2003-Feb-26 Professional Renamer 1.10

  • Added: specify case of the symbols

2002-Dec-16 Professional Renamer 1.08

  • Added: specify counter start number

2002-Dec-13 Professional Renamer 1.05

  • Added: multilanguage added
  • Added: German language
  • Added: Polish language
  • Added: Portuguese language
  • Added: Russian language

2002-Oct-14 Professional Renamer 1.00

  • First release


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