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Passwords Generator 3.35

Passwords Generator icon. Generate random and difficult to crack passwords.

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Generate random and difficult to crack passwords. To create strong passwords, perform template setup, or use one of the ready templates. You can set alphabets, exclude a symbol's combination, or provide alphabet's requirement at each password, etc.

Template allow setting up alphabet characters which may be used in the generated passwords. The alphabets tab contains four alphabets: lowercase alphabet, uppercase alphabet, a digital set and a set of special characters. Each alphabet can be changed. On the requirements tab, you can set what alphabet's characters must be used in an each password.

On the tab exclusions, you can set options to get stronger passwords. You can exclude symbols repeat in a password, exclude double characters (FF, JJ, aA, ee etc.), exclude adjacent characters, up or down (ie GH, ab). Last tab "Length" allow you to specify ranges of the passwords lengths and their quantity. You can stop the passwords creation process at any time if your rules slowed it.

Passwords generation template can be saved for reuse in future. Generated passwords list can be stored in a text file. You can change the font for passwords list and set the default startup font.

Now you can generate 10 000 000 passwords per one click. Be careful when you generating so big number of passwords, it may take a lot of systems resources and time. But passwords generation process may be stopped at any moment.

Passwords Generator features:

  • generate a set of passwords.
  • automatic passwords generation.
  • generate 100000000 passwords per click.
  • passwords generating reusable templates.
  • variable alphabets of characters.
  • variable ranges of the passwords lengths.
  • exclude repeat characters in a password.
  • exclude double characters (FF, JJ, aA, ee etc.).
  • exclude adjacent characters, up or down (ie GH, ab).

System requirements: Windows PC, Framework .Net 4.0.

Trial limitations: 10-day trial period, nag-screen.

Download Passwords Generator (1.1 MB):  exe   zip


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