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Photo EXIF Manager icon. Photo EXIF Manager screenshots page.

Photo EXIF Manager Interface.

Main application window contains image preview frame, EXIF tag list and file navigation folder tree view and file list. At the top of the window, there are menu bar and tool bar. At the bottom of the application window, there is a status bar, that shows full file path.

Photo EXIF Manager - Edit Dialog

Edit dialog allows changing EXIF tags value. For different tag types are different value change. For SHOT type is select variant, for LONG is set as integer value, for ASCII is the text value, RATIONAL set as fractional.

Photo EXIF Manager Add Tag Dialog

Add Tag dialog contains three tabs: Image, Camera and GPS. Every tab contains a table with five columns. To sort EXIF tags, click on the column header, the small triangle shows the sorting direction. To add some tag check its check-box and click the Ok button.


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