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Modify file and folder attributes in an easy way.

Take a look at the Attribute Manager screenshots.

Attribute Manager program is a practical tool to take control on file and folder attributes. It enables to modify common file-attributes, such as read-only, hidden, system, encrypted compressed, temporary and date/time parameters, including creation date, last modification and access.

The provided interface is easy to handle; it presents a main window divided into two areas; on the left is located the Tree view panel, where are listed the discs and its folder structure. On the right is listed on a grid the files included on the selected folder.

In addition, the list view offers a report of the included objects, like file name, size, type, attributes, modified, created and last accessed date.

Moreover, the software comes with the template's feature, which enables uses to realize a selection, saving it to reuse in other projects. It can save time and effort, avoiding unnecessary steps on recurring jobs.

Note, that changing the attribute Compressed for a large files can take a long time.

Attribute Manager features:

  • Change all the known attributes of files.
  • Multiple files and folders processing.
  • Subfolders processing.
  • Multiple usage of the templates (import/export).
  • increment or decrement date and time.
  • Partial modification date / time.

System requirements: Windows PC.

Trial limitations: 10-day trial period, nag-screen.

Download Attribute Manager (0.9 MB):  exe   zip

Attribute Manager Interface languages: English, Deutsch, Russian, Dutch, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Chinese traditional, Czech, Greek, Portuguese, Turkish.

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Attribute Manager, Auxiliary Automation

What's new

2015-Apr-01 version: 5.15

  • Changing date/time bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in the report of file changes.
  • Report's dialogue has been made variable size.
  • Last operation's undo has been improved.
  • Fixed a bug of the partial date and time changing.
  • Fixed bug of the recursive file processing.

2014-Oct-13 version: 5.0

  • initial directory at startup has been fixed.
  • counter has been added to the report dialog.
  • fixed window resizing after changing attributes.
  • current directory has been added to the status bar.
  • fixed window maximizing at startup.
  • Configuration file saving in Windows 8 has been fixed.

2014-Jan-15 version: 4.89

  • Fixed: Changing "Compressed" attributes error has been fixed.
  • Updated: Report's window work has been optimized.

Full history

Auxiliary Automation

The basics: your computer stores information in files, files are organized into folders and subfolders, making filesystem structure. When we are speaking about more than one file, information is stored not only inside files, but also filenames and folders organization ARE information. And sometimes, even more important information is stored in file attributes: For example, file creation and change dates are useful for time-related organization, and attributes like «readonly» or «hidden» or «system» even change file appearance and behavior.

That's why Attribute Manager matters. Attribute Manager is a software for fast changes in those «auxiliary» files information; unlike Windows own attributes editing abilities, Attribute Manager allows to change multiple file attributes at once. The main program window is just like usual Windows Explorer, and you can select any number of files and folders and press «change file attributes» (or «change folder attributes»). In attributes editing window you can select all created, changed and accessed dates and «archived», «hidden», «readonly», «system» flags. Date fields can also be changed partially (for example, year only, preserving month and date). Finally, you can save your «what to change» settings as a template for further usage.


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