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Photo EXIF Manager Version History

Icon of the Photo EXIF Manager. View and edit all well-known digital photo EXIF tags.

2014-Oct-29 version: 3.0

  • help has been added.
  • import/export has been added.
  • program customization has been added.
  • tags sorting has been added.
  • "Add Tag" dialogue has been expanded, added groups: Image, Camera and GPS.
  • known tags list has been expanded.
  • UNDEFINED tag editing has been fixed.

2014-Jan-16 version: 2.62

  • Added: Serial number of the camera body tag has been added.

2013-Nov-21 version: 2.60

  • Updated: Time format has been changed to 24 hours.
  • Fixed: Registration name visibility has been fixed.

2013-Oct-30 version: 2.55

  • Added: Save As function added.
  • Fixed: Remove Exif function corrected.

2013-May-21 version: 2.35

  • Updated: New features of editing GPS tags.
  • Fixed: Fixed editing dates.

2013-Jan-14 version: 2.10

  • Fixed: GPS tag editing has been fixed.

2012-Dec-27 Photo Exif Manager 2.0

  • Updated: Delete all tags function has been optimized.
  • Updated: Multiple tags changing function has been improved.
  • Fixed: Add tags function bug has been fixed.

2012-Dec-17 Photo Exif Manager 1.95

  • Added: Application updates check at startup.
  • Added: Image Preview consider EXIF orientation.
  • Updated: All tags removal has been optimized.
  • Fixed: Fixed application crash at work with files.
  • Fixed: ASCII strings editing mistakes fixed.
  • Fixed: Fixed mistakes editing tags in WIndows 7.

2012-Apr-02 Photo Exif Manager 1.66

  • Fixed: application crash at the double-click on an image file.
  • Fixed: bug when loading a list of tags.
  • Fixed: bug when adding date's tag.

2012-Jan-14 Photo Exif Manager 1.45

  • Added: BYTE tag adding has been added.
  • Updated: A group of tags shared by tabs.
  • Updated: Positioning of the list of tags at modification.
  • Updated: Editing the active file corrected.
  • Fixed: GPS tag creation error has been fixed.

2011-Dec-04 Photo Exif Manager 1.15

  • Updated: Application's startup has been optimized.
  • Updated: New installer has been integrated.

2011-Apr-26 Photo Exif Manager 1.0

  • Added: First release


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