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View and edit digital photos EXIF data.

Take a look at the Photo EXIF Manager screenshots.

Photo EXIF Manager lets you view and edit all well-known digital photo EXIF tags. File navigation are similar the Windows Explorer. In addition to standard image tags, the program allows you to edit GPS tags.

Graphical interface also allows you to view image preview. All tags are listed in the table, and grouped into three main groups: Image, Camera, GPS. Double-click on the tag show edit dialog, which displays information about the tag and its editing tools. You can add, edit, delete some tags, or remove all tags.

Photo EXIF Manager features:

  • easy file navigation.
  • support EXIF 2.21 standard tags.
  • GPS tags editing.
  • edit all kind of tags.
  • EXIF orientated image preview.
  • remove all EXIF tags.

System requirements: Windows PC, Framework .Net 4.0.

Trial limitations: 10-day trial period, nag-screen.

Download Photo EXIF Manager (0.8 MB):  exe   zip


2014-Jan-16 version: 2.62
Added: Serial number of the camera body tag has been added.

2013-Nov-21 version: 2.60
Updated: Time format has been changed to 24 hours.
Fixed: Registration name visibility has been fixed.

2013-Oct-30 version: 2.55
Added: Save As function added.
Fixed: Remove Exif function corrected.

2013-May-21 version: 2.35
Updated: New features of editing GPS tags.
Fixed: Fixed editing dates.

2013-Jan-14 version: 2.10
Fixed: GPS tag editing has been fixed.

2012-Dec-27 version: 2.0
Updated: Delete all tags function has been optimized.
Updated: Multiple tags changing function has been improved.
Fixed: Add tags function bug has been fixed.

2012-Dec-17 version: 1.95
Added: Application updates check at startup.
Added: Image Preview consider EXIF orientation.
Updated: All tags removal has been optimized.

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