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Here you can read about our software, download and register copies for immediate use, ask questions about the use and performance of our products.

Attribute Manager and Professional Renamer will simplify routine operations with file names and attributes. Passwords Generator will generate complex, stable passwords, and Passwords Base will securely store your credentials. Well, if you are a professional photographer, the Photo Exif Manager utility is what you need!

M Icon Editor will help you draw and edit program icons. And of course, the icon collections drawn by our team of professional designers will make it possible for your application or web site to have a unique attractive look.

  • Network Icons Pack

    Several examples of the Network Icons Pack.

    Database Icons Pack

    Several examples of the Database Icons Pack.

    Email Icons Pack

    Several examples of the Email Icons Pack.

    Toolbar Icons Pack

    Several examples of the Toolbar Icons Pack.

    Business Icons Pack

    Several examples of the Business Icons Pack.

    Photo EXIF Software

    Photo EXIF Manager Interface. Photo EXIF Manager icon. Photo Exif Manager

    View and edit all well-known digital photo EXIF tags.

    • Windows 10 compatible!
    • Framework .Net 4.0.
    • Size: 0.9 Mb.

  • Batch File Utilities

    Attribute Manager icon. Attribute Manager Professional Renamer icon. Professional Renamer

    Modify file and folder attributes in an easy way.

  • Powerful renaming tool to rename multiple filenames at once.

  • Personal Security Solutions

    Passwords Base icon. Passwords Base Passwords Generator icon. Passwords Generator

    Passwords Base will keep all your passwords in safety.

  • Generate random and difficult to crack passwords.


    Easier Password Handling in Windows 10 Is Announced in Passwords Base 6

    MIKLSOFT announces the release of the new major version of its password management tool Passwords Base 6. The update allows for secure storage of various passwords and clickless managing and pasting of them to websites and applications. read more...

    Getting Strong Passwords With Passwords Generator

    To get strong passwords, you need to use as many alphabets as you can. Passwords Generator allows using four types of alphabets. There are lowercase character set, uppercase character set, numbers and special symbols. Passwords generate by progressive random algorithms. As a result of the program's work, you have a list of strong passwords. You can select a password in the list to copy it to the clipboard by one click. read more...

    What are file attributes in Windows?

    As you know, computer's system mostly consists of files, some of them intended for a system, others for a human. To divide from one another and determine system behavior, to each file added some metadata, which known as file attributes. These attributes can have only one of two states: set and clear. The easiest way to change these attributes is to use Attribute Manager.. read more...


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